Confection – Bags and Sacks

Konfekcia - vrecia, sáčky a tašky

Films for further processing on confection lines are produced according to the required application from LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, or polymer mixtures and further processed to the following types of confection products: bags for various applications (see below), thirt bags, shopping bags for food and confection purposes. Confection products can be transparent or coloured with print on one or both sides.

Dimensions: BAGS: Width: 450-1 650 mm, Max. length: 4 500 mm, Bag perimeter: 900-6 000 mm, Thickness: up to 200 my. DKT BAGS: Width: 150-750 mm, Length: 200-650 mm, Thickness: as required. THIRT BAGS: Width: 220-600 mm, Length: 300-800 mm, Thickness: as required. Packaging: as required by the customer; normally packages stored by 10-50 pieces in cardboard boxes. Box weight max. 15 kg, laid on pallets freely or fixed by protective film.


  • General use
  • Bags for bulk materials
  • Bags for big-bags and octabins
  • Protective packagings for various product types
  • Bags for industrial waste
  • Bags for dangerous industrial and biological waste
  • Protective packagings for various product types
  • Pallet fixing
  • Insulation against water and humidity
  • Insulation against dust and dirt
  • Mechanical protection
  • Shopping bags for food
  • Confection use bags

  • Various general packaging needs
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Packaging of chemical products
  • Packaging of industrial products and semi-finished products
  • Packaging of consumer products
  • Packaging of feed mixtures
  • Agriculture
  • Construction industry
  • Logistics and wholesale

  • Colours and additives as required by customer
  • Colours, corona treatment, and additives as required by customer

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