Prosperity Requires Innovation

The properties of a film and its production costs are significantly influenced by the composition, or material structure. The use of specific material structures in a film depends on the parameters of the film required by the customer. Apart from verified compositions resulting from almost 25 years of existence, we prepare, test, and produce also “atypical tailor-made films”, using state-of-the-art technologies and materials as well as our unique experience with mixing of various polymers and setup of blowing parameters (material interactions, thickness and order of individual layers, temperatures, blowing speeds, and many others).

Every day, we provide our customers with new or substantially innovated films. Our customers welcome the free-of-charge consulting about the most suitable material composition of films, including composition improvements aimed at reaching optimum film thickness, providing the customer with the most efficient price of the supplied film for the customer application.

We are experts in production of polyolefin films (LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, EVA-copolymer, and even PP) and our team of professionals, stable for a long time, has decades of experience with:

  • Improvement of tested compositions and design and preparing of new compositions for a wide field of various applications in a number of sectors,
  • Setup and mastering of production of new film compositions, including professional post-sale services and superior customer approach,
  • Collaboration with and support of research institutions and universities.


Currently for year 2016:

In January 2016 we have successfully started the production on a state-of-the-art newly purchased 5-layer blown film line. In relation thereto, we have initiated an interesting programme of innovation and internal research tasks for the upcoming months of 2016. We strongly believe that in a short time we will offer not only improved films for demanding applications that we currently already supply to our customers but also films with new properties.


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