Films for Lamination and Demanding Printing

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High-quality multifunctional 5- and 3-layer blown flat films for high-quality lamination and demandingprinting that become a part of a multilayer packaging (PE, PP, AL, BOPP, PET, paper and many others) for various types of materials and packagings such as packagings for pet foods, detergents, stand-up pouches, seal peel, retort pouches, shaped pouches, spouted pouches, and many other packaging types. We offer verified compositions (welding method and speed, strength, elasticity, transparency, opacity, etc.) for many demanding applications. Slovpack is a long-term specialist in films for lamination and demanding printing.

Dimensions: Width: up to 1 600 mm, Thickness: from 10-15my, Winding: up to 500 kg.


  • Lamination PE films with PP, PE, BOPP, PET, AL, paper
  • High-quality demanding printing

  • Packaging of foodstuffs – bakery products, frozen goods, fruits and vegetables, sweets, sterilized goods, coffee, spices, instant food
  • Salty and sweet snacks – chips, snacks, cereals, etc.
  • Packaging of PET foods and feed mixtures
  • Packaging of washing and other detergents, wet-wipes
  • Packaging of chemicals (glues, bulk materials, liquids)
  • Packaging of magazines and printed materials
  • Stand-up pouches, shrink sleeves, Seal Peel effect films

  • Verified compositions for numerous demanding applications
  • Ionized for printing
  • Highly transparent (excellent transparency, gloss)
  • Fast and reliable welding
  • High strength and resistance
  • High frequency of welding cycles in packaging machines
  • Low thickness tolerances
  • Black/white non-ionized or ionized for printing

Specialist Contact:
Ing. Gejza Katona – Chief Commercial Officer
Phone: +421 (0) 905 223 448

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