20 Years of Exceptional Experience with Blown Film Production

Since our establishing in 1993, we have proven our high expertise in each shipment of high quality blown polyolefin films for our traditional, new, large and smaller customers on every single day, without interruption.

In the long term, we have succeeded in building:

  • Extraordinary production tradition and bringing innovative products to the market

We were the first producer of 3-layer co-extruded films in the region, the first producer of stretch-hood films for fixing of pallets, first and only producer of FFS (Fill, Form & Seal) films for packaging in packaging machines, and of many other products. Apart from standard films, we produce numerous types of special films, such as lamination and demanding printing films, single-side sticking films, films with seal-peel effect, special agro films for plastic greenhouses with IR-InfraRed internal layer balancing temperatures between day and night, increasing fertility and shortening ripening by as many as 15 days, AF-AntiFog internal layer that makes drops of condensed water run on walls to the soil on the sides of the film and preventing the water from dropping on plants and spreading diseases, films with anti-corrosion effects for packaging machinery and automotive components, aromatic films and films with a number of other features.

  • Exceptional investor tradition

Slovpack was in the very beginnings of standardized private equity investments in Slovakia. It was owned by several investment companies and private equity funds. In 2003, the first successful standard MBO (management buy-out) transaction in Slovakia took place when European Renaissance Capital, an American-Polish private equity fund, entered the company.


History of Slovpack Bratislava



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