A Diverse Portfolio of Production Facilities

Our production facilities run on 4 shifts, 24 hours a day, 350 days a year. To produce premium polyethylene films and packaging solutions, we use:

  • 5, 3 and mono layer blown film lines, most of which are equipped with in-line flexographic printing units
  • Confection production lines for producing bags and sacks
  • Flexographic off-line 6 colours printing unit

News: In January 2016, we have started a new top-class 5-layer blown film packaging line produced by the German Reifenhäuser, purpose-designed to produce high-quality LDPE and mLLDPE films. Thanks to the newly possible combinations of materials in 5 layers, we can now offer new and improved products especially in the segment of demanding lamination and high-quality printing films, food packaging, packaging of printed media, certain health applications, all with top-class width tolerances, precise cut, top-class transparency, and high strength, flexible and thin films, as well as numerous other advantages. Winding output width is 1 600mm and the film width from 10-15my.


Blown Film Production Lines

We operate a diverse portfolio of 5-, 3-, and single-layer polyolefin blowing lines. The production lines enable us to blow almost any standard or atypical films based on LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, EVA-copolymer, and even PP.

The above production facilities are used to produce an exceptionally broad portfolio of products and packaging solutions:

  • Films for Lamination and Demanding printing
  • Stretch Hoods, Heat Shrink (pallets fixation)
  • FFS and Heavy Duty Films for packing of loose materials and waste
  • Packing of Magazines and Printed Materials
  • Packing of Fresh Food, Fruits & Vegetables
  • Industrial Packaging and Semi-finished products
  • Packing of Consumer Goods
  • Agricultural Films
  • many types of Special Films, e.g. Seal Peel, Highly-Transparent Films, Anticorrosion, Sticky


Printing Lines

Being a full-scale supplier of films, Slovpack also supplies printed films (both tubes and flat films) that we print on using:

  • flexographic 6 colours off-line printing unit with the width 1 600mm
  • flexographic 4 colours in-line printing units, which are installed directly on the blown lines

If required by the customer, we can flexibly provide 8-colour flexographic printing.


Confection Line Production Facilities

We further process our flat films, tubes, and semi-tubes on rolls and add value thereto, producing confection line products supplied to customers:

  • heavy duty bags for filling loose materials and protection bags
  • bags for big-bags and octabins
  • protection bags for various industrial and consumer goods
  • bags for industrial waste
  • T-shirt and DKT sacks/bags – shopping bags

Confection products are produced on:

  • Confection line for production of sacks and T-shirt bags with the width 1 100mm
  • Confection lines for DKT bags with gussets
  • Confection line for Heavy Duty bags, Heat Shrink bags

Confection products can be also printed.


Recycling Line

Since its beginnings, Slovpack has operated its own recycling line for recycling of own technological plastic waste, contributing to environmental protection. In 2004, we have substituted the original recycling line by a more modern one. The recycling line processes exclusively LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE materials; secondary granulate is then processed to films for internal packaging purposes and various low-demanding applications. We use no external granulate for the production.

The free capacities of our recycling line are actively used by our business partners.


Internal Laboratory

We have our own laboratory for measuring physical and mechanic properties of films. We use the laboratory intensely not only internally to check products and test new compositions in the production process but we offer the services of the laboratory to our customers to test physical and mechanic properties of films and in the process of optimizing the compositions of purchased films.

During more than 20 years of its history, Slovpack has continually kept innovating its technologies, compositions, and the granulate used, bringing both new and substantially innovated films to its customers. Our products are also created in cooperation with our customers; we develop and test “tailor-made films” according to their requirements.

We have a rich database of verified compositions for a number of customer applications and we can further modify and develop them for the benefit of the customer.

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