Quality and Customer Come First

WE IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCTS. Quality does not emerge by itself. It results from a tireless effort to maintain and improve all aspects of the blown film – technology and innovation, granulate and additives, work organization and expertise of employees, logistics, internal processes, and finance of the entire enterprise.

We approach each customer with maximum care to fulfil their expectations regarding the parameters of the supplied film and related services. We have been producing and supplying a broad portfolio of premium 5-, 3-, and single-layer polyethylene films based on LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, EVA, and PP for more than 20 years.

Slovpack has have a rich database of verified compositions for a vast number of customer applications and can further modify and develop them for the benefit of the customer. We provide required expert advising, consulting, and laboratory measurements free of charge in the effort to reach the best properties of the film for specific customer applications.


Classification of the Wide Assortment of Our Products

Compositions – Material Structure of Films

The properties of a blown film and its production costs are significantly influenced by the composition, or material structure. Decisions on the composition of granulates in the film depend on parameters that are required by and agreed with our customers. Our films are produced from top-class materials in close collaboration with renowned and verified world-class producers of PE granulate and additives, such as Slovnaft and MOL Petrochemicals, ExxonMobile, Eni Versalis, Sabic, Total, Borealis, Repsol, Dow Chemical Company, Qapco, Ineos, and others.

We are experts in the production of blown polyolefin films. Our employee team, stable for a long time, has decades of years of experience and a rich database of verified compositions for a vast number of customer applications. We can further adjust and develop these for our customers, including atypical films.


Film Parameter Range

In January 2016, we have started a new top-class 5-layer blowing line, purpose-designed to produce high-quality LDPE and mLLDPE films. Thanks to the newly possible combinations of materials in 5 layers, we can now offer new and improved products especially in the segment of demanding lamination and printing films, food packaging, packaging of printed media, certain health applications, group packaging, all with precise cut, top-class opacity, and high strength, flexible and thin (from 10 my) films, as well as numerous other advantages.

General Range of Produced Films:

Widths of Flat Film 20mm – 2 050mm
Max. Circumstance 6 000mm
Gusset Width 2 x 600mm
Films Length No limitations or size of the roll
Min. Thickness LDPE films: 10-12my, HDPE films: 8my
Colour Transparent and Various colours, including different colours of inner and outer sizes
Printing 6 colours or 4 colours in-line
Winding Diameter of the roll until 1 500mm
Min. Size of Order 300-500kg depending on the films and unit price
Delivery Terms Immediately after film manufacturing

Possible Film Finishing:

  • Additions of LLDPE, mLLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, EVA, PP or various additives
  • Different colours on different sites e.g. black-white, green-white
  • Slippery or Non-slippery, Gloss or Dimm
  • AntiStatic or AntiBlock
  • UV stabilised, AntiCorrosion, AntiFog, InfraRay, Flame Combustion
  • Ionisation for printing purposes
  • Embossing and Perforation
  • Biodegradability

Packaging of Films:

Films are wound on cardboard, metal, or plastic reels with an internal diameter of 76 mm. Films are packaged in protective film and fixated on pallets using tape. The winding diameter is normally 700 to 850 mm; length ranges from 800 to 1500 mm, or as agreed by the customer and the producer.

Reel Marking and Shipping:

Each pallet and each reel is marked by a tag specifying the main data – production date, width, thickness, weight, the shift that produced the reel, and potentially also the length of the reel. Changes of the marking and shipping method are subject to agreement between the customer and the producer.

Films by Winding Type:

prevedenie sortiment

Framework Parameters of Confection Products

5 000mm
1 650mm
with or without gussets, with or without printing


Packaging of Confection Products:

Packages stored by 10-50 pieces in cardboard boxes; max. box weight 15 kg or as required by the customer.

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