Customer Always Come First

IMPROVING YOUR PRODUCTS. Quality does not emerge by itself. It results from a tireless effort to maintain and improve all aspects of the product – technology and innovation, granulate and additives, work organization and expertise of employees, logistics, internal processes, and finance of the entire enterprise.

We are continuously adapting to the requirements of our customers and to demand trends, enabling us to hold our position in a narrow group of top and traditional producers of blown films in the Central European region. For more than 20 years, we have supplied a full assortment of films and complete packaging solutions to renowned multinational and local customers in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Italy, and Poland (a total of 150 customers).

  • Demanding Films for Lamination and High-Quality Printing
  • Stretch Hoods, Heat Shrink for pallet fixation
  • FFS and Heavy Duty Films for packing of loose materials and waste
  • Highly-Transparent, Highly-Strength or Thin Films
  • Packaging of Industrial and Consumer Goods or Construction Materials
  • Agricultural Films
  • Packaging of Foods, Fruits & Vegetables
  • Various films for Special applications, which are tailor-made and developed in close cooperation with customers

Strong Customer Orientation and Professional Services

  • Fast logistics – advantage of the ideal position of the production plant,
  • Flexibility when accepting orders and creating our production plan,
  • Short production periods,
  • Wide and complete assortment of films and packaging solutions,
  • Orders already from 300 – 500 kg depending on film price,
  • Traditionally transparent approach to customers,
  • We approach each customer with maximum care to meet their expectations related to film parameters and related services,

High Reliability and Quality of Films and Packaging Solutions

  • Verified film compositions as well as tailor-made compositions for customers that work well and reach the agreed-upon properties, generating high reputation to Slovpack
  • Compositions fully adapted to the requirements of the customer
  • Premium entry granulate for the customer application and the composition
  • Films keep their agreed properties for a long time
  • Easy to access technical support and expert consulting

High Professionalism, Expertise, and Experience

  • All managers have graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Technologies and have years of experience in Slovpack and/or Slovnaft
  • High expertise and lots of experience of production employees
  • Extraordinary expertise and experience of out professionals is available to all our customers (choice and production of the most suitable film for the required application)
  • In order to define and fine-tune the most suitable film composition or packaging solution we closely collaborate with customers both before and during the transactions
  • Management and administration team stable in the long run (more than 70% of employees have been with us for more than 5 years)
  • Continuous development of new products
  • Since January 2016 we operate a new blowing machine for premium 5-layer films with minimum thickness, highly transparent, highly strong and elastic films

    Where we are

Slovpack Bratislava spol. s r.o.
Vlčie hrdlo
820 03 Bratislava 23

phone: +421 (2) 4055 6345
fax: +421 (2) 4524 4841