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Stretch hood films are highly elastic multi-layer films supplied as tubes or tubes with gussets and used to fix pallets, boxes, bags, household appliances, and other equipment. Stretch hood is a modern and popular method of packaging in automatic packaging lines. The perimeter of the tube is smaller than the perimeter of the pallet. The automatic machine stretches the film and places it over the pallet. When released, the film shrinks to its original dimensions, thereby fixing the contents of the pallet. Compared to heat shrink films 1) it is not necessary to apply heat or to operate a heat source in the packaging premises, 2) less film is used. Verified compositions for numerous specific applications – excellent insulation against water and humidity, high strength and elasticity, excellent optical properties, up to 6 colours print, and many others. Slovpack was the first producer to produce Stretch hood films in the region.

Rozmery: Dimensions: Perimeter: up to 5 500 mm, Thickness: up to 175 my, Winding: up to 600 kg.


  • Fixing of pallets – insulation materials, granulate (PE, PP, PET), chemicals and fertilizers, bulk materials (cement, gravel, sand, clay), pellets, fuels, etc.
  • Construction materials – clay bricks and concrete blocks, roof tiles, prefabricated materials, interlocking pavement, and other products
  • Household appliances
  • Paper
  • Wood products and semi-finished products

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper industry
  • Production of glass products
  • Production of construction materials and semi-finished products
  • Production of insulation materials
  • Production of household appliances
  • Production of drinks

  • High elasticity (500%)
  • Excellent optical properties
  • High strength and elasticity
  • Excellent insulation against water and humidity
  • With additives, transparent or coloured
  • Up to 6 colours print
  • Composition set precisely as needed by the customer

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